Recent Trends in Nutraceuticals

The recent innovations in Nutraceuticals field is said to be the future expansion on the global public health issue. Nutricosmetics, are also designed and they are new generation skin supplements for beauty and healthy skin. Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Food polymers in delivering dietary bio-actives and the Safety and Efficacy of emerging Nutraceuticals in global market. Rapidly increasing knowledge Nutracueticals and Nutritional therapy and phototherapy have emerged as new concepts and healing systems have spread quickly and widely in recent years. Solid recommendations for intake of natural plant foods, nutraceuticals and the use of phototherapy and nutritional therapy have become gradually popular to improve health and also to prevent and treat diseases. These current trends, which are improving the dietary nutritious values of vegetables, fruits and other crops or even bioactive components in herbals has become goals of the biotechnology industry